What is a musical teambuilding?

Teambuilding brings people together in a team and develops positive communication between them by improving the ability to work together and deal with problems. Informal communication, laughter and music bring people back to children's joy and sincerity, and it is wonderful to work in an environment that encourages such a culture.

If you want to unite your team, friends or family, share a few hours together playing musical instruments, singing, karaoke or just listening to music - here you have the opportunity to do so. You will leave without wanting to leave and your heart will overflow with joy.

What you should know?

We have a stage, microphones, sound and karaoke system.

We have a variety of musical instruments such as guitars and drums, but we can provide almost anyone else.

If you wish, we can also include a teacher(s) of a musical instrument of your choice to play with you and introduce you to the world of music. The price is BGN 35 for 60 minutes of a teacher.

We also have a DJ or Karaoke master to play music of your choice.

We work with great magicians and illusionists who will make the event unforgettable. The price for a 1-hour show is BGN 180.

We also have multimedia - TV, projector and screen.

At your request, we also have a photographer who captures the moments without you thinking about it.

Our capacity is 40 seats and 80 standing places.

The price of the room is BGN 40 per hour.

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Address: 89 Hristo Botev blvd, Sofia

Phone: +359 887 666622

Email: [email protected]

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