Concert hall

If you want to organize a concert at The Stage, the fixed rent is BGN 150. and includes a speaker.

If you are a RockSchool student or a band you can enjoy a discount, so write for more information. We consider a RockSchool band in which at least 3 of the members are full-time students with us.

At The Stage, we don't have a bar and we don't sell alcohol because we don't want to support industries that poison people, nor do we want to make money from it. Everyone is free to carry whatever he wants to drink, but within acceptable limits and at his own risk.

Hall capacity: 80 standing.

Event hall

In The Stage you can organize seminars, trainings, discussions, workshops and others at a rental price of the hall is BGN 80. per hour

Equipment (included in the price) - TV screen

Capacity: 80 standing or 30 seats

Зала за преподаване на музика

Ако сте музикален преподавател или педагог, можете да провеждате свои частни уроци, работилници или обучения в The Stage. Независимо от броя ученици, можете да имате на разположение цялата зала и наличното оборудване само за вас. 

Атмосферата в The Stage е изключително подходяща за работа със солови изпълнители или банди, които трябва да отработят своето поведение и синхронизация на сцена. 

Предлагаме гъвкави условия и достъпни цени. Свържете се с нас на [email protected] за вашата индивидуална оферта.

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Address: 89 Hristo Botev blvd, Sofia

Phone: +359 899 828988

Email: [email protected]

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