Your music is at home here

  • Cozy room in the center of Sofia
  • Professional musical instruments and equipment
  • Option for post-production and audio processing
  • A team with 10+ years of experience in the field of audio production

Terms of Use

  • The rent of the rehearsal room is BGN 12. per hour (60 minutes). 
  • You can record your rehearsal. The price of recording with one microphone is BGN 8. per hour. The price of multi-channel recording with up to 16 microphones is BGN 20. per hour.
  • You can rent a guitar or bass for the rehearsal, it costs BGN 5. per hour (60 minutes). Bass: Fender Squier Affinity Jazz Bass, Electric guitar: Cort Classic Rock CR250 VB.
  • You can rent crashes for the rehearsal, 2 pieces cost BGN 5. per hour (60 minutes).
  • Our opening hours are from 10:00 to 22:00 (including weekends). Carry wires, feathers, batons and all other personal music supplies.
  • Smoking in the rehearsal room is prohibited.
  • The room must be left in the condition in which you found it.
  • The windows must be closed while playing.
  • Consumption of liquids is undesirable due to the risk of damage to the equipment.
  • Whoever breaks something - covers its full value.

Equipment in The Stage

  • Central sound system - DAS-Audio Compact-2 1000 W x2, DAS Audio Compact 218 Sub 2000 W x2, Mixing Console Allen and Heat Q16.
  • Microphones - Shure BETA 52, Shure SM 57 x 3, T.bone DC 4000 set, Shure SM 58, Sennheiser e945.
  • Drums- Odery drum set, Kick 22', Snare 14', Toms 10'/12', Floor toms 14'/16', Odery hardware.
  • Cymbals- Ride 20', Hi-hat 14', Crash 14', Crash 16'.

Music Equipment

  • Bugera
  • Odery
  • Shure
  • Allen & Heath
  • Sennheiser
  • DAS

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Address: 89 Hristo Botev blvd, Sofia

Phone: +359 887 666622

Email: [email protected]

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