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  • Podlezno is a group of fired up young people who express their unique creativity by making our dark subways in a state of the art creations. The first musical subway in Bulgaria comes from thir imagination. When we, from RockSchool, met the team from Podlezno we resonated immediately and we wanted to help eachother with what we can. We from RockSchool helpped them with recording of an original song and shooting a video to it. We also helpped them organize a music event in The Stage. From their side they gave us a project for ennoblement of our backyard. Our idea is to have a long-term partnership with which we can contribute with what we can so that more people get fired up for music.

  • RockSchool, along with The Stage, is also part of "Music for Bulgaria". RockSchool is a music school where people from all ages can get to know music through various musical instruments such as bass, guitar, piano, singing, drums, bagpipe, violin and others. RockSchool regularly organizes concerts, workshops and many other events that help local music culture and unite people into a musical community